Chen Pan Ling Shaolin Forms

Feng quan 1 and 2 ,

The Chen Pan Ling system includes two forms designed by the Grandmaster himself, combining all his favourite movements from Shaolin, bagua, xingyi and taiji.

These became known as "feng quan" or "mountain top fist".  The name "feng" (mountain top) was taken from Chen Pan Ling's nickname.

These are dynamic "bridging" forms that are based on northern longfist (taizu or chang quan) but featuring a great many signature taijiquan, baguazhang and xingyiquan movements.

Feng quan 1

Feng quan 2

Tiger and Crane form 虎鶴拳

One of the most enjoyable and athletic forms of the Chen Pan Ling system is the Shaolin "Tiger and Crane" form.

With it's acrobatic movements, dance-like grace but lethal applications, the form is an excellent adjunct to any system and provides a wonderful addition to the Academy's martial heritage and repertoire.

Chen Pan Ling Tiger and Crane form

"Thunderstick" (walking cane form)

The Chen Pan Ling system also teaches a form for the use of the walking cane - designed by Chen Pan Ling himself.

The form is an excellent follow on from the jo (4 ft staff) and straddles the divide between the arnis "baston" (baton) and the jo.

Furthermore, it leads into techniques used with the straight sword (jian) on one hand, and the longer 6 foot staff of xingyi and karate on the other.

The walking cane form is taught at the end of the jo syllabus and is also capable of being studied separately at the Academy's dedicated gong fu classes (as is the case with all of the above forms).