Karate: kihon (basics)

The basics

The Muidokan karate basics include:
  • Uke (blocks or deflections);
  • Zuki (punches);
  • Uchi (strikes),
  • Geri (kicks);
  • Dachi (stances);
  • Sabaki (moving);
  • Tenshin (evasion); and
  • Ukemi (falling).

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These basics perform vital functions even if they do not appear realistic or practical at first glance. It is a mistake to compare them to Western arts such as boxing which rely on completely different principles (boxers for example hold their hands close to their faces so that their gloves can protect them, whereas your bare knuckles are likely to do you some serious damage if they are forced into your face).

Basics are effective tools which:
  • isolate particular movements;
  • train specific muscles for speed, power and timing;
  • "groove" particular movements and reactions; develop body awareness and balance;
  • exercise the full motion of practical and effective techniques even though only part of the motion of any given technique might be utilized in combat, depending on the circumstances; and
  • in a world of infinite angles, movements and possibilities, provide some framework within which to interpret and respond to a situation.